Xtreme Heat™ Liquid Wick Chafing Fuel

X-teme Heat™ is ideal for when you need superior heat output and ease of use.

  • The unique “X” design of the trademarked Xtreme Wick™ allows for a larger, hotter flame compared to most liquid wick fuels.
  • Safe: Non-hazardous, no shipping restrictions, no storage limitations or insurance issues.
  • Odorless: With odorless burning you will smell the food, not the fuel.
  • Consistent: The external Xtreme Wick™ wick poistion offers a more consistent burn compared to gel fuels.
  • Easy to use: Simply pop the cap and quick-lighting center wick. The top may also be replaced for reuse.

Xtreme Heat™ is packed 24 cans/case.

Xtreme Heat™ 4 Hour Liquid Wick Chafing Fuel (24/CS)

Xtreme Heat™ 4 Hour Liquid Wick Chafing Fuel (24/CS)

XTRM4-24 in: 2.38 H x 3.38 Dia. (mm: 60 H x 86 Dia.) Case Wt: 18.3# Height does not include burner assembly