Green Commitment

Hollowick is fully committed to operating all aspects of business in an environmentally responsible manner. We have adopted this Green Commitment to minimize the environmental impact of all activities and products.

Green Commitment Guidelines:

  • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible
  • Minimize toxic emissions through the careful slection and use of equipment and power source requirements
  • Promote recycling both internally and amongst customers and suppliers
  • Bring hight quality, easy-to-use products to market that meet our customers’ needs, while striving to minimize those products’ environmental impacts
  • Meet or exceed all environmental legistlation related to operations and distribution

J. Alan Menter, President, Hollowick, Inc.

Green Achievements:

  • Reduced plastic consumption in manufactured fuel cell bottles by 17%
    Hollowick manufactures many fuel cell bottles in-house using advanced bottle making technology. In 2010, a switch to more durable plastic led the way for the creation of thinner walled fuel cell bottles. Compared to 2009, plastic consumption was reduced by 17% and bottle durability and performance remained unchanged. Less plastic is now shipped which significantly lessens our impact on landfills.Converted fuel cell manufacturing to environmentally friendly PET plastic
    Hollowick has converted nearly all fuel cell bottle production from PVC plastic to PET plastic material. Fuel cell bottles are now more environmentally friendly and recyclable.Reduced facility energy consumption by 16%
    In 2009, Hollowick implemented LEAN Manufacturing programs to reduce factory inefficiencies and waste. Equipment upgrades, better work flows and recycled waste heat are just a few examples of the LEAN Manufacturing program benefits. Facility, production and process changes have resulted in an energy consumption savings of 16%.