Nexis® Rechargeable System

The Nexis® LED Candle System by Hollowick, Inc. is the most advanced rechargeable candle system in the world. Nexis® was designed from the ground up with the user in mind. Careful attention paid to function, performance and ergonomics sets this ground breaking commercial lighting system apart from the rest.

  • Nexis® Candles turn on automatically when lifted from the charging tray – no buttons required. The authentic Candlelight LED color and natural flicker action, make Nexis® the most realistic looking LED candle available.
  • The charging station also serves as an ergonomic bussing tray for easy candle transport to and from the dining room.
  • The Nexis® Magnetic Remote Controls secures conveniently to the top of the charging tray, or to almost any other metal surface. The remote offers four run modes: Flicker, Flicker High Light, Steady and Steady High Light.
  • State-of-the-art wireless charging technology consumes up to 50% less energy than comparable induction charging systems.
  • All Nexis® components are RoHS compliant, meeting the latest, most stringent international material standards. Nexis® is the endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association
  • Safeguards built into the power supply, tray and candles make it virtually impossible to overcharge the Nexis® Lithium Ion batteries.

Nexis® by Hollowick is the future of flameless table lighting.


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