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The Hollowick brand name stands for high quality, reliability, and second-to-none service. The products that we proudly stamp with our name include our liquid wax lamp fuel, solid wax candles, high quality lamps and innovative cooking fuels.

Table Lamps and the Dining Experience

At Hollowick, we know that the dining public is looking for more than a meal, they want a dining experience. Tabletop lighting is one of the most effective ways to create the right first impression, making any meal, a special occasion. Quality candlelight creates a strong visual impact, increasing the value of the dining experience and encouraging customers to linger...for dessert, coffee or that after-dinner drink. Quality, low cost table lighting is one of the least expensive, high impact, positive changes that you can make to the interior of your restaurant.  All Hollowick lamps are of superior quality and durable enough to withstand the rigors of any foodservice operation. We offer the largest array of styles, finishes and sizes.

Lamp Fuel

Hollowick takes great pride in providing the cleanest burning, most consistent and dependable liquid wax lamp fuel in the industry. We offer a wide variety of items and the most reliable burn times.


Chafing and Cooking Fuels

Hollowick offers a full complement of Chafing and Cooking fuels. Easy Heat® Liquid Chafing Fuel leads the category as a safe, highly efficient, economical solution. Hollowick also offers Gel Heat™, Butane fuel and Butane accessories.


Solid Wax Candles

Hollowick's Select Wax® solid wax candles offer the finest quality and reliability in foodservice. Choose from a wide variety: everything from tealights and votives, to pillars and even birthday candles!


Outdoor Lighting

The most recognized brand for outdoor torches and fuel, TIKI® Brand items help create the ideal patio ambiance. Hollowick is the exclusive foodservice distributor of TIKI® Brand outdoor lighting products.


Flameless Lighting

Hollowick offers Nexis® and Platinum rechargeable candle systems and a full line of battery powered candles for foodservice customers requiring flameless lighting.

Nexis: Environmental Responsibility

Nexis: Environmental Responsibility
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